Writing Policy: How Governments Are Controlling Your Behaviours

People of the media, reporters and journalists have all been under fire with the most recent American administration who has been placing blame on their inability to report the real news.


In the social media era there is a lot of opinion writing. The opinion writers tend to get mixed in with the truth searching journalists and professional writers. The columns are written with hopes to get shares and likes as opposed to report the real news. It is important to remember that not all of the news available to you is fake news. It is not all click bait. There are proper reports on the administration and policy. The legislation is undeniable. Isn’t it too easy to say the media has it all wrong?

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The media may not have it all wrong. There are times in fact when journalists and writers are neither left nor right but all in favour of the same outcome. At times, the policy is made to deter and mediate the behaviours of the masses. Recently, in America on the border of Mexico, policy is being enforced that stated underage children will be separated from their parents if illegal immigrants are caught crossing the border. This policy was made to deter immigrants but when the number of immigrants did not decrease after this policy was set in place, the administration decided to enforce this policy in a heavy-handed manner.


There are many issues to be addressed in this situation and the media must report on these incidences properly. It is not a matter of democratic or republican, it is a matter of human rights. These policies must be discussed and handled in a partisan way to ensure that human rights are never violated. Families do not risk losing their children if they are not fleeing a difficult situation. Policy needs to be reviewed to ensure that repercussions like these are not regular occurrences.