It doesn’t matter whether you are writing a story, a book or an essay, there are some mistakes that many new writers will make. Don’t get caught making some silly mistakes that could plunge your writing directly from excellent to downright boring.

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One of the biggest mistakes that writers can make is to change their tone when writing a piece in order to appeal more to a certain audience. Although there should be a slight change in tone depending on who is reading your work, you need to remain authentic. If you don’t do what comes to you naturally and you start pushing yourself to create something that people will like, you will surely fail. Put yourself in the shoes of your reader and figure out what you would like if you were part of that audience. Don’t take yourself out of the equation completely.

Write Always

Your workspace is not just the desk at home. It doesn’t matter whether you’re driving in the car and writing in your head or literally putting notes down in a journal, you should be writing all the time. Some of your best work will come from pieces of rough material written randomly that you collate when you sit down at your desk. Keep those notes in a bottle as messages to yourself to be read at a later date.


There are many writers who get caught up in the dramatics of storytelling and forget one of the best parts of great works – the observation. Take some time to reflect on the five senses whenever you get stuck. This allows readers to reorient themselves into space. If you are writing fictional stories, make sure you do this often or readers won’t be able to follow all of the information and conceptualize the story. The five senses’ rule can be applied to fiction and non-fiction works.