Related imageDo you have work that hasn’t been published? Finding a publisher can be difficult and costly to the writer. Entering a writing contest could be the answer that problem. Winning a writing contest could mean publishing deals residency opportunities and most commonly, cash prizes! Get your work together because you’ll want to start applying to writing contests right away.

Tips for Entering Writing Contests

1. Proofread Your Work – Don’t allow yourself to get dismissed from a competition based on a spelling error or a problem with editing. Always proofread the file before sending to ensure it is the piece you intended on sending.

2. Don’t Bend the Rules – You must show a strong hold of the language in which you are writing and the contest judges don’t forgive mistakes in grammar. There are many places where you can bend the rules of proper grammar but it should be avoided in a writing contest unless otherwise specified.

3. Don’t Go Over the Word Limit – If you check the rules of any writing contest, you’ll find that there is often a maximum word count. If your piece is over this word count, it could be immediately disqualified. The judges won’t even read it.

4. Write Out of Genre – You will not even be considered if you submit a piece of writing in the style of a real life harlequin romance but the contest is looking for works inspired by aliens and science fiction elements. It is often suggested to avoid addressing the theme directly but being off genre is another issue entirely. If they are looking for aliens and science fiction, you don’t have to over do it to meet that theme. Don’t write revolving your work around describing this theme but write inspired by this theme.

Your work will be seen and assessed by the judges if you avoid any of the mistakes above when entering writing contests.