Taking a collection of words and placing them in a sequence to create a story or evoke an emotion in the reader. Writing is a form of communication aRelated imagend an artistic practice. Great authors can create timeless pieces of writing which can entertain the reader.

Types of Writing

Fiction works are put together using the authors creative imagination. Murder mysteries, crime thrillers, science fiction and fantasy are all examples of fiction writing. Non- fiction is based in fact. Nonfiction works include books used for education, religious books, biographies, self help books and many more.

Starting Out

Beginning any writing project can be difficult, the hardest part even. Do you enjoy working at a computer or do you prefer to hand write your content? You should find somewhere that you are comfortable working and it should be a space that you can see yourself spending many hours. Start collecting parts of other works that you admire. You can’t write very well if you don’t read.

Start Short

One of the main thing for novice writers to remember is to be patient with yourself. There is a learning curve to writing but you still need to trust your gut. You must enjoy what you are writing but understand that you will have to complete many works before writing something substantial. If you are working towards the goal of writing a book, you should practice writing chapters first but before that you need to master the art of a beautiful paragraph.

Be Patient

The more you write, the more you will find your specific style or aesthetic of writing. Keeping your work authentic is one of the reasons it takes time to develop the ability to write well. Instead of becoming a copy of what you study, you will take what you study and pull it into your own general aesthetic. This hard work will pay off in the long run.