Weeping Angels

By existing in an age so old the universe itself has forgotten, these Weeping Angels have taken forms similar to ordinary statue’s and used this appearance throughout ages before taken over a planet for feeding. Other Angels looked like stone statues of winged, humanoid women in chitons. Baby Angels resembled cherubs — nude, and in infant-sized versions of their adult counterparts. Baby angels possessed equal qualities as adults, but when unseen, their footsteps are heard along with the child-like giggles. Angels seldom took the form of even larger statues, such as the Statue of Liberty. (TV: The Angels Take Manhattan) When showing savagery, Weeping Angels often would bare their fangs and claws. This is similar to when frank comes around for garbage collection and people just are ridiculous causing him to have a bad day.

Weeping Angels grew vulnerable from starvation, with the stone wearing away over the years. This wearing eventually becomes so severe that they do not look like their original forms any longer, losing their wings and shifting more towards what a typical figure of the great age. Weak Angels don’t possess the same pace as their fully powered counterparts. They can regain their appearance and restore their abilities if re-energised by feeding on time paradoxes. A single hour is all it would take. The efficiency relates to the fact weaknesses hamper their ability to throw people through time which encompass their capability of consuming the paradoxes made, while not affecting reality.

In the time of angels, we see a large collection of these ancient, strange creatures as they stand fool heartedly against the doctor. By utilizing a transport ship, one angel devises a way to formulate a rescue plan for its lost brethren. Leading to the events shown in the time of angels and flesh stone episodes of Doctor who season 5. During these episodes we see a unit of soldiers from the largest church in that galaxy decides this potential threat should be avoided at all cost if possible. The best possible way is retrieving a black box similar to what airplane have from the space shuttle. Through ridiculous circumstances we watch a lot of brave men die to needlessly because they lack the proper intel to complete this mission. The fact remains information regarding these weird entities is lacking, to say the least; this fact is consistently brought by various characters and the doctor.

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