There are many ways to improve your writing and taking courses can be one of the most efficient. If you want to improve you writing skills fast than you’ll have to invest a significant amount of time to the trade. You will get the best results if you combine both methods of academic and regimented coursework and more informal personal writing projects.

Course Work

Attend a poetry reading. Join a book club. Take a course online. Enrol in English courses. Although some seem more enjoyable than others, these methods of education can be helpful to any writer. If you are looking for an academic level education in creative writing, you could begin by reading the novels on a course book list that you would have liked to take. Just reading the suggested readings and novels will provide you with a lot of education. If you bring those ideas to a social group, like a book club, then you’re debriefing and critically thinking about your readings. This would be very close to what is provided in courses held at an academic setting.

Image result for Informal ProjectsInformal Projects

Journal. Join a writing challenge. Blog. There are many ways to flex your creative writing muscles. Journaling is an excellent way to keep a record of subconscious thought. A writing challenge will provoke thought on days that you may not feel like writing. You may write something very short one day and that may become one of your favourite pieces. Informal practices in writing allow you to surprise yourself. They can force you to put pen to paper regularly, even for one sentence. That simple though provoking action is the warm up for the writer. Exercise your mind. Exercise your thoughts. Feel the senses and define them using the most colourful vocabulary you can. Practice always makes perfect.