Are you looking to improve your writing skills? Courses in English literature and creative writing can give you the experience and exposure that you need become a more developed writer. Instructors will base the courses they teach on either a standardized curriculum or personal preference. There are a wide variety of courses offered to new writers and it is valuable to research the opportunities close to you.

Image result for Academic SettingAcademic Setting

Academic institutions offer a large calendar of courses for writers. You’ll find courses that relate to grammar, academic writing, editing and proofreading and many others that are rooted in a formal academic curriculum. If you are looking to learn the rules of the trade and get a handle on the subject from the academic point of view, then getting an education at a college or university might be right for you. You will read all the most relevant novels in pop culture, learn how to read critically and develop your own preferences. You may as well receive credit for your work you know you’ll work hard enough to be successful.

Informal Setting

Are you looking for something inexpensive? There are less formal courses that will give you a similar experience to that of an academic setting. There are also recreational courses that promote reading and creative writing. Many of these courses will help you build a social circle of people who like the same things that you do.

Social Setting

Book clubs, public lectures, spoken word and poetry readings are all informal ways to develop your skills as a writer. If you really want to test yourself, you could take an improv class but the best advice that anyone will give you is to read and write everyday. Journal every day and self regulate your writing. Make a schedule and follow it. You will unveil to yourself the skills that you have as a creative writer.