Gridlock Part 1

The Tenth Doctor takes Martha Jones back with him to New New York on New Earth, in the distant future, only to discover that the whole city has become a dangerous trap.

American newscaster Sally Calypso provides the daily journey news to all the vehicles. Ma and Pa are seated in one of the campervans. They call the police for help as something from outside clearly attacks them. They are put on hold by the police computer system, and shriek as their car is torn apart.

The Tenth Doctor gives Martha one opportunity to travel into the future, and visiting another planet. She instead asks if he can take her to his home planet, and muses as to its beauty. He explains Gallifrey’s Citadel, mountains, orange sky and other characteristics as if they still endured, but maintains he does not want to go home. Instead, he takes her to the year five billion and fifty-three, into a darkened alleyway where it is pouring, and introduces her to New New York in New Earth. The Doctor duplicates some things he said to Rose the last time he had visited the planet. Martha becomes slightly upset when she realizes she is being taken to the same spots the Doctor took Rose, and grumbles “Ever heard the word rebound.”

Meanwhile, the Face of Boe rests in a place with Novice Hame. He orders her to find the Doctor before it is too late. She takes out a gun and leaves. The Doctor and Martha are on a run-down street. Three apothecaries open their shop doors and attempt to sell the Doctor and Martha patches that distribute “moods.” The Doctor is furious, but interested when a young girl buys a Forget patch after suffering the loss of her parents to “the Motorway.”

Suddenly, a young duo armed with guns take Martha and haul her away, subduing her with a patch causing Sleep. The Doctor pursues them, but they jump in their car. The Doctor asks the pharmaceutists for directions to the Motorway; they comply, but advise him that he may never see Martha again. He tells them to find alternative means of work as he promises to shut down their operations by that very night.

Martha wakes up and takes a gun, only to discover it is a fake. Her kidnappers acquaint themselves as Milo and Cheen. Cheen says she is pregnant. Milo explains they only needed her so they could get in the Fast Lane, which entails three grown-up passengers. They state they can drop her off when they arrive at their destination — in six years.

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