Gridlock Final Part

Novice Hame makes it down to the car that the Doctor is in. She tells him how she has atoned her transgressions under “his” guidance and teleports the Doctor against his will to the overhead city. She reveals that everybody in the upper city, and really the whole exterior level of New Earth, died because of a sickness in the Pharmacists’ Bliss drug, but the under city was sealed off, and Hame was preserved by “him.” The citizens in the Undercity have not been deceived and abandoned; they have been protected. Upon hearing a familiar telepathic voice, the Doctor runs over to the small room and meets the Face of Boe. ¬†Hame says that Bo has connected himself to the system to keep the lower levels working, but they are incapable of rescuing the people there. The Face of Boe asks the Doctor to free the people of the Motorway. The need for cleaning¬†here would make someone a killing in profits with all the dirt cars and buildings.

Milo’s car is running out of the air and, despite Milo and Cheen’s doubts, Martha answers with the Doctor will think of something no matter what. Milo starts the power up again, giving them air but revealing them to the Macras’ clutch. As the car races along, they are quickly grabbed by one of the claws, but are knocked free by another Macra.

The Doctor demands Hame to help him restore power, but there is not a sufficient amount. The Face of Boe, in one ultimate act of selflessness, gives even additional amounts of his “life force” to strengthen the equipment. The Doctor yanks a lever, opening the seal at the head of the motorway. The sunlight beams in, and the Doctor announces to the motorists, telling them to drive upwards to the sun. This clears a path for Milo’s car to flee from the Macra. Meanwhile, Hame screams out as the Face of Boe’s glass begins to shatter.

Martha arrives at the Council building where she sees hominid skeletons, and convenes the dying Face of Boe, sprawled out on the ground. The Doctor prompts him to live, because (as Boe says) the two of them are separately the last of their races; but the Face answers, “Everything has its time.” As promised, he whispers his great secret to the Doctor “Know this, Time Lord; You are not alone” before passing away in peace. An look of shock and unbelief crosses the Doctor’s face as Hame sobs.

Martha and the Doctor come back at the alleyway. The Pharmacists are gone. Martha asks what the Face suggested, and if she is why the Doctor is not alone. The Doctor wobbles his head; he does not want to discuss about Boe’s words, but Martha declines to move until the Doctor tells her the truth. The Doctor admits he is the last of his species, explains about the Last Great Time War against the Daleks, and then goes on to describe Gallifrey. Far above the slums, the now over-city thrives with all of the freed motorists. The sun now sets orange yellow over the city of New New York.

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