Get Writing: Elaborate Storytelling Through Familiar Settings

Writing creative stories can be difficult. To write a good book it takes moments of adventure, events filled with excitement, budding romances, thrilling action and much, much more. Often, subtle aspects of the theme can lend a major supportive role to your storyline.

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As a storyteller, you need to have a creative mind that can create out of this world settings but also balance this with realistic relationships among the characters. This is not an easy task. This can be especially difficult if you are working to communicate an elaborate storyline to the reader. Adding a gambling plot line can help create suspense and offer a moment to describe those playing the game. It is a setting that lends itself to the author as a critical moment to explain a more elaborate element to the story.

Elaborate Plotlines

It is not easy for writers tell elaborate stories that require quite a bit explaining. Gambling is an excellent setting where the reader expects to be told rules and guidelines along with other pieces of information. When the reader enters the gambling space, they will understand playing slots and register that there are high stakes within this space as described on They will automatically feel the anxiety of the room with little description.

Provoked Emotion

It is most successful when the author can avoid describing how serious something is and just describe the moment. Gambling and playing the slots lends itself to this style of writing and can easily be introduced to any story line. It is a universal trade to understand how to gamble. Even the most absurd, alien characters could be placed in a gambling scenario and readers would interpret it properly.

The reader’s interpretation is very important in terms of the emotions that an author hopes to provoke. When an author is trying to describe a high stakes predicament, character based situational anxiety is preferred.