Image result for Get LuckyAre you a writer looking for opportunities to expand your readership? Do you want to get your work into the hands of some of the greatest writers in the field? There are endless benefits to joining writing contests and the marketing and networking opportunities are only a few of them.

Big Prizes

Most contests have cash prizes for the top writers who submit. There is often a long list and a short list. The long list writers could have smaller cash prizes or simply awarded recognition but the shorter list of writers will almost always have a large cash prize. The first three writers who place in the competition are likely to take home a hefty cash reward.


Along with cash prizes, writing contests will give you the opportunity to be placed on display within some of the most recognized institutions in writing. Short listed and long listed writers will have the benefit of putting this literary award on their professional record.

Published Work

It is very difficult to get work published, especially in the realm of fiction writing. The institutions which hold writing contests are often recognized within the industry. The judges have strong reputations as writers and are giving their stamp of approval to your work. This can go a long way in the literary industry.

A Break from That Piece

If you are submitting a work to a writing contest, you will be unable to edit that piece for the duration of the contest. This allows you to take a break from that piece of work and either revisit it after the contest ends. This break could be what you needed to update the piece to its finished and polished state.

Deadlines Are Good for You

Writers work on deadlines. It is part of the game so if you want to be a successful writer, it will help you understand deadlines and how to write to meet them.