Death In The Heaven

One of my favorite scenes in doctor who is a death in the heavens, in which a last epic speech is given by Danny Pink to both Clara and the doctor before sacrificing himself for the earth. Here a short explanation of the section of this episode.

Boat One is blasted, and the Doctor is projected clear of the debris. Seb and Missy follow on from the Nethersphere, commenting on how boring his end will be. Using his key to summon the TARDIS, the Doctor succeeds in boarding and enter his ship before approaching the ground. Seb is thrilled over the twist of events, to which Missy answers that Seb is merely an AI. Seb proceeds to be enthusiastic before Missy quickly destroys him. The Doctor materializes in the cemetery and informs Clara that if she eliminates Danny’s emotions, he will kill her. He doubts that he will, and the Doctor states that the distinction between himself and Missy is passion. He attempts to get Danny to tell him what the cloud will do, but Danny says he isn’t completely united into the Cyber hivemind and cannot see, ridiculing the Doctor as a typical officer always keeping his hands clean. Just like my friend at towing truck calgary, when on the job he gets service done without having greasy hands.

Clara takes the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver and permits Danny’s emotional inhibitor. He informs the Doctor that the cloud will transform all of humanity into Cybermen.

Missy suddenly teleports into the graveyard, showing her full control of the Cybermen now collected. She then presents the Doctor a bracelet, allowing him the same authority, as a birthday gift — “It’s lucky one of us remembers,” she remarks — and says that he can protect everyone, or use the army to save countless lives and right all the wrongs in the universe.

He resists the control of the army, demanding to understand why she is doing this. Missy answers she wants to convince him that they are not so dissimilar and that she wants her friend back. After reminiscing how he had wondered if he was a good man, the Doctor realises something and thanks Missy for helping him. He claims he is not a good man, or a bad man, nor a hero, not a president, nor an officer (as Danny had described him). He says because he is “an idiot, with a box and a screwdriver, passing by, helping out, learning.”

He says he doesn’t need an army, his got them and tossed the bracelet at Danny which he has recognized was the only Cyberman who had not responded Missy’s orders — who puts it on and seizes control of the Cybermen. Following this, he proceeds with a magnificent monolog that goes like this, Attention! This is not a good day. This is earth’s darkest hour! And look at you miserable lot. We are the fallen, and today we shall rise, The army of the dead shall save the land of the living. This is not the order of a general, nor the whim of a lunatic ( Missy: Excuse me?!). This is a promise! The promise of a soldier! He promises Clara that she shall “sleep safe tonight” before cruising into the cloud with the rest of the Cybermen and destroying it, by sacrificing himself and the other Cybermen.