D.N.R Tattoo Ignored By Medical Professionals: Writing Notes On Yourself

Letters can represent a number of things within our society but D.N.R is a set of letters that holds a great deal of meaning behind it. People are tattooing D.N.R on their chests to ensure that no mistake is made if they are ever picked up by the ambulance. Is it necessary to place those letters across your chest?

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The acronym D.N.R stands for do not resuscitate. This means that if the individual has stopped breathing, there should be no measures taken in order to save that person’ s life. These are often signed when someone believes they are nearing the end of their life hence see no need to be taken through the unnecessary pain of resuscitation. The end of someone’s life could be at any time. What are the reasons motivating these people to tattoo this across their chest?

Unsteady Ground

D.N.R’s can have many different stipulations. Often the notification is a trigger to check for the paperwork. Although the acronym generally stands for do not resuscitate, different people can attach different conditions to their D.N.R plan. If someone is going to tattoo D.N.R, perhaps they should tattoo the entire plan?

What Would You Do?

Recently, Canadian health experts debated a situation that arose within a hospital where a patient with a ‘do not resuscitate’ tattoo was found unconscious. The seventy-year-old was brought to the Miami hospital with COPD, diabetes and heart problems. They treated him for his conditions but when he started to suffer from sepsis, they removed his clothing and found his D.N.R tattoo.

They partially revived him until they figured out the hospital’s ethics team had said the tattoo should be recognized and respected by health staff. In Canada, it is not a legal document to have a tattoo and honouring this wish would have been difficult. There is no understanding as to the condition of the patient at the time of the tattooing.