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Weeping Angels

By existing in an age so old the universe itself has forgotten, these Weeping Angels have taken forms similar to ordinary statue’s and used this appearance throughout ages before taken over a planet for feeding. Other Angels looked like stone statues of winged, humanoid women in chitons. Baby Angels resembled cherubs — nude, and in infant-sized versions of their adult counterparts. Baby angels possessed equal qualities as adults, but when unseen, their footsteps are heard along with the child-like giggles. Angels seldom took the form of even larger statues, such as the Statue of Liberty. (TV: The Angels Take Manhattan) When showing savagery, Weeping Angels often would bare their fangs and claws. This is similar to when frank comes around for garbage collection and people just are ridiculous causing him to have a bad day. Read more »

Gridlock Final Part

Novice Hame makes it down to the car that the Doctor is in. She tells him how she has atoned her transgressions under “his” guidance and teleports the Doctor against his will to the overhead city. She reveals that everybody in the upper city, and really the whole exterior level of New Earth, died because of a sickness in the Pharmacists’ Bliss drug, but the under city was sealed off, and Hame was preserved by “him.” The citizens in the Undercity have not been deceived and abandoned; they have been protected. Upon hearing a familiar telepathic voice, the Doctor runs over to the small room and meets the Face of Boe.  Hame says that Bo has connected himself to the system to keep the lower levels working, but they are incapable of rescuing the people there. The Face of Boe asks the Doctor to free the people of the Motorway. The need for cleaning here would make someone a killing in profits with all the dirt cars and buildings. Read more »

Gridlock Part 2

The Doctor comes to the Motorway, where he discovers thousands of Volkswagen-like hover vans in a traffic jam. He starts to get a cough and chokes from the fumes. A cat man invites him inside his car, introducing himself as Thomas Kincade Brannigan and his human wife as Valerie. Their kitties, two months old, have never seen daylight or walked with the ground beneath them. The Brannigans told him they’ve been driving for twelve years and have traveled only five miles in that entire time.

As Milo, Cheen and Martha start to descend into the Fast Lane, the Doctor calls the police but is put on hold. Brannigan talks to some old friends, the Cassini “sisters” (a married same-sex couple), who know the car from Pharmacytown that has traveled to the Fast Lane. The Doctor discovers that some people been able to leave their cars in upwards of twenty years. Milo, Cheen, and Martha are beginning to drop down towards the Fast Lane, but there are unfamiliar noises. Cheen tells Martha of tales about cars disappearing, but Milo maintains they are only hearing the ventilation system.

Brannigan and Valerie protest to go to the Fast Lane, worrying for the safety of their kittens. The Doctor questions whether they or the Cassinis have ever seen any authorities. The Cassinis grudgingly admit they have never seen any police or emergency vehicles in over23 years of driving. The Doctor believes that these citizens have been confined in the under-city and abandoned. Making his own way toward Martha, he opens the shaft on the floor of the car and drops down to the car below. He then proceeds through several cars, opening the roofs with his sonic screwdriver and advancing through the floor to the next car below. In this fashion, he engages several characters including hippies, a Bertie Wooster-like business man and a nudist couple.

Martha’s car starts to enter the Fast Lane, which has no exits at all since there closed. A nearby cat driver tells him to leave to the above lanes, but Milo does not understand the danger their in until he hears the other driver’s cries. Meanwhile, Novice Hame reaches the Brannigan’s car and demands information regarding the Doctors whereabouts.

The Doctor arrives the lower levels, just over the Fast Lane. He removes the fog to learn what’s down there: the Macra. The Doctor reveals to the car’s driver that the Macra once survived by feeding upon toxic gas. Once in history, they had created an empire using human slaves to mine gas to feed them, but years trapped in the dark have forced them to devolve into hungry non-sentient beasts. As Martha’s van races forward through the Fast Lane, the Macras’ huge claws struggle to crush it. Assuming that the light and motion of the vehicle draws their attention, Martha has Milo turn off the power. It works, but they only for a limited time because the air can only be off for eight minutes.

Gridlock Part 1

The Tenth Doctor takes Martha Jones back with him to New New York on New Earth, in the distant future, only to discover that the whole city has become a dangerous trap.

American newscaster Sally Calypso provides the daily journey news to all the vehicles. Ma and Pa are seated in one of the campervans. They call the police for help as something from outside clearly attacks them. They are put on hold by the police computer system, and shriek as their car is torn apart.

The Tenth Doctor gives Martha one opportunity to travel into the future, and visiting another planet. She instead asks if he can take her to his home planet, and muses as to its beauty. He explains Gallifrey’s Citadel, mountains, orange sky and other characteristics as if they still endured, but maintains he does not want to go home. Instead, he takes her to the year five billion and fifty-three, into a darkened alleyway where it is pouring, and introduces her to New New York in New Earth. The Doctor duplicates some things he said to Rose the last time he had visited the planet. Martha becomes slightly upset when she realizes she is being taken to the same spots the Doctor took Rose, and grumbles “Ever heard the word rebound.”

Meanwhile, the Face of Boe rests in a place with Novice Hame. He orders her to find the Doctor before it is too late. She takes out a gun and leaves. The Doctor and Martha are on a run-down street. Three apothecaries open their shop doors and attempt to sell the Doctor and Martha patches that distribute “moods.” The Doctor is furious, but interested when a young girl buys a Forget patch after suffering the loss of her parents to “the Motorway.”

Suddenly, a young duo armed with guns take Martha and haul her away, subduing her with a patch causing Sleep. The Doctor pursues them, but they jump in their car. The Doctor asks the pharmaceutists for directions to the Motorway; they comply, but advise him that he may never see Martha again. He tells them to find alternative means of work as he promises to shut down their operations by that very night.

Martha wakes up and takes a gun, only to discover it is a fake. Her kidnappers acquaint themselves as Milo and Cheen. Cheen says she is pregnant. Milo explains they only needed her so they could get in the Fast Lane, which entails three grown-up passengers. They state they can drop her off when they arrive at their destination — in six years.

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