Attention Writers: Social Media Can Ruin Your Life!

Posting on social media is essentially like having a personal journal but unlike a diary, the entries that you post online are public for everyone to see. In a world that is becoming more and more irritable and less open to the opinions of others, it is difficult to maintain authenticity.

Image result for Losing AuthenticityLosing Authenticity

Authenticity and freedom of speech allow anyone to say anything that they want without gaging, especially in the absence of legislative regulation. Unfortunately, posting on social media has become a highly investigated and criticized practice.

Losing Work

People are losing their jobs and reputations are being ruined based on peoples behaviour on social media platforms. The president of the United States is getting the whole world into trouble for posting on his Twitter account. Casts and tv show crews are getting laid off because one of the actors made racist comments on the internet. The internet is not a place that people can act freely or as if they were anonymous and spout opinions wherever they please.

Edited Space

Social media is now a regulated experience filled with unusual motivations. Instead of being able to speak freely the way that someone would write, people have to constantly censor themselves. Managing online pages and personal brands is now a real hassle. It is now very normal to change many of the dynamics of every photograph that you take.

Reality Dynamics

Reality is being clipped at and altered but we are the ones who are doing it. It is our inability to pass over an offensive comment as something that may not be our business. We no longer give people the benefit of the doubt and we are ignorant to the fact that people make mistakes and put their foot in their mouth often. It is hard to understand what people put on the internet and why.